Sorrowful Mystery Meditations

The Agony in the Garden
~ Our Lord's agony in the garden can parallel our own struggles as we face obvious difficulties just ahead of us. His prayer was, "not my will, but thine, be done." (Luke ch. 22 v. 42)
I pray that any woman facing an unexpected pregnancy will have God's will made perfectly clear.

The Scourging at the Pillar ~ The gut wrenching brutality with which Our Lord was scourged and the strength with which He endured
is testimony of His perfection and His love.
I pray that His suffering will give strength to anyone who is considering abortion, to endure their struggle and to let their baby live.

The Crowning with Thorns ~ The mortification and humiliation the King of Heaven and earth must have felt while they crowned Him with thorns, spit upon Him, and mocked Him is hard to imagine.
I pray that His mortification will give all women the courage to overcome anything that might keep them from carrying their baby to

The Carrying of the Cross ~ Just as Our Lord had Simon of Cyrene to help carry His Cross, we, too, need help many times through out life.
I pray that anyone carrying the cross of an unexpected pregnancy will have a "Cyrenian" in their life to help them carry their cross and give their baby life.

The Crucifixion ~ This, for me, is the most amazing miracle Our Lord ever performed. This must be where "actions speak louder than words" comes from, because there are no words for His actions here. They're not even necessary, are they? No greater love than this!
I pray that the miracle of His death will give those who are contemplating abortion today the grace to continue the life He has created in their unborn baby.

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