Precious Feet

Have you seen the "precious feet"?

It's a lapel pin that's become the "international pro-life symbol".  They're the size of an unborn baby's feet at ten weeks after conception.
The back of the card that they come on says:

When people see your Precious Feet pin you have the opportunity to share about the humanity of the unborn.  At 10 weeks an unborn baby is perfectly formed - right down to the toes!  All that is needed is time to grow.  The unborn cannot speak for themselves.  You speak for them by wearing your Precious Feet.
I've been wearing mine over my heart.  It's one more simple way to remind others, to make them think and hopefully wonder, about the unborn.

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Marie said...

What a wonderful idea and no I had not heard of the precious feet.

God bless you for your Pro-Life stance.

Peace, joy & blessings to you:)

Marie xoxooxox