Glorious Mystery Meditations

The Resurrection ~ As the soldiers stood guard in anticipation of Life triumphing over death . . .
I ask that my prayers be as soldiers guarding the hearts of any mother considering abortion and that life will triumph over death.   

The Ascension ~ I'm always struck by how bittersweet the Ascension must have been.  The hope that carried the people, who were present, away from that spot had to be a mighty and powerful hope!
I pray for a hope that powerful for the unborn baby of any mother considering abortion today.     

The Descent of the Holy Ghost ~ The Holy Ghost, also called the Comforter, infused ALL that was necessary for the apostles to go forth and do God's will in starting His church and spreading His faith.
I pray that the Comforter will infuse all expectant mothers with ALL that is necessary for them to go forth and do God's will in
bringing their babies to life.

The Assumption ~ Death of our body is a result of original sin.  Since our Blessed Mother was immaculately conceived she did not suffer death, but was assumed into Heaven body and soul.
I pray that our Blessed Mother will wrap Her heavenly arms around any mother who is struggling with thoughts of abortion, and comfort her
with the peace of God's will.

The Coronation ~ Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, and sought thy intercession was left unaided.
I pray that any mother contemplating abortion will find our Blessed Mother's protection, help and intercession through this rosary.


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