Who Should Have Been Your Children

I wanted to do something special today (the 36th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade) to honor the millions of lives that have been lost to abortion. In an answer to my prayer asking for just this, a very special someone sent me the following narrative from Bishop Fulton Sheen's book, Three to Get Married along with the poem by John Davidson that she paired with this lovely picture. It perfectly represents my desire for something special!

The first direct, human limitation of infant life in the history of Christianity took place in the village of Bethlehem through an Infant-Controller whose name was Herod. The prevention of infant life was simultaneously an attack upon Divinity in the person of God made man, Jesus Christ, our Lord. No one strikes at birth who does not simultaneously strike at God, for birth is earth's reflection of the Son's eternal generation. To those who conspire against life in Herod's way or more scientifically, there will one day come the haunting conscience described by John Davidson:

Your cruellest pain is when you think of all
The honied treasure of your bodies spent
And no new life to show.  O, then you feel
How people lift their hands against themselves,
And taste the bitterest of the punishment
Of those whom pleasure isolates.  Sometimes
When darkness, silence, and the sleeping world
Give vision scope, you lie awake and see
The pale sad faces of the little ones
Who should have been your children, as they press
Their cheeks against your windows, looking in
With piteous wonder, homeless, famished babes,
Denied your wombs and bosoms.


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