It's the eighth day of Christmas.  According to Jewish law baby boys were circumcised on the eighth day and given their name.  Today is the feast of the Circumcision, a holy day of obligation that honors both our Newborn King's first drops of blood shed for us and His holy name, Jesus.

Our priest gave a sermon today about vulnerability.  When our Lord came into the world as a newborn baby He put Himself in a very vulnerable position.  He was vulnerable to the elements, hunger, and everything that all newborns face.  In addition He was vulnerable to King Herod.  In His omnipotence He knew all that He would face.  He put Himself in Our Lady's Hands, under the protection of St. Joseph.

All babies are completely vulnerable to their mothers.  This one fact is what makes us all the more responsible for protecting them.  The word, vulnerable, comes from the Latin vulnero, which means wound, hurt; damage.  If it weren't so heinous, it might seem ironic that this is exactly what the pro-abortion side wants the right to do to the unborn ~ the most vulnerable.
We can even go a step further and say they want to completely destroy, so as to eliminate the vulnerable.  Then I guess they can get on with life . . . well at least their own.

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