Spiritual Adoption

In order to counter the propaganda for abortion, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen recommended the spiritual adoption of unborn babies. This was to be done by praying that these little ones be spared abortion, and continue to live after birth. The following prayer, said every day for one whole year, was recommended:

Jesus, Mary, Joseph,
I love you very much;
I beg you to spare the life
of the unborn child that
I have spiritually adopted,
and who is in danger
of being aborted.

During your earthly life, this child, whom you have adopted, will be known only to God, but in the hereafter, you will enjoy each other's company for all eternity.


Lee Strong said...

I "adopted" a child I call Anthony on January 17 (thje feast of St. Anthony). I also got more of the cards and distributed them among my Secular Franciscan group.

It's a great way for those not able to or called to march and join public vigils to help save lives and souls.

Thanks for promoting it!

Mamabear said...

It's such a simple prayer to say each day and the benefit is immense. Even the idea of meeting these souls someday is overwhelming.
I'm glad you recognized this!