Panda Bear

Our youngest son, who's quickly approaching his 3rd birthday, wants to be called "Panda Bear".
Panda Bear has been the *gift that keeps on giving* to every one of us.  Watching our two oldest sons with him has been as wonderful as having a baby again.  When I think back to when Black Bear came home, and made us parents, I'm reminded of the new reasons I found to love my husband.  I've had the same experience with our big boys as I observe them loving their little brother.  Other than our faith, we believe that the greatest gifts we can give our children are siblings.  The way they love each other is proof positive.

It never ceases to amaze me how these three boys came together to bless us with parenthood and form our family.  I sometimes fantasize about having a get together with all of their birthmothers so they can see how much their sons love each other and were meant to be brothers.  I like to think it would bring our birthmothers comfort and reassurance.  They didn't know what their son's life would be like when they made their adoption plan.  I've reaped unending benefits from their choice and I would love to be able to give them peace of mind.

We often hear the pro-abortion side talk about how "it's never an easy decision".  I can not begin to imagine the difficulty in making an adoption plan for my baby.  It's the ultimate sacrifice as a mother.  I can't count how many times I've heard, "I could never give my baby away."  It's a sad commentary on what people think of birthmothers.  Until our society becomes  a whole lot more supportive and accepting of a women's right to choose adoption there will be more women who choose abortion.

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