God's Plan

Life will bring all of us something we never planned for, never even imagined.  By it's very nature the unexpected is uncomfortable, many times down right difficult.  Hindsight gives us the ability to understand why something may have happened by revealing where it has brought us.  It doesn't, however, help us while we trudge through the unexpected.

The emotions that go along with any difficulty are unavoidable.  Our attitude depends on our beliefs, how overwhelmed we are, how much support we have, our outlook on life, our sense of self worth, our temperament/personality type, and our past experiences.  Our actions will depend on what choices we see, with the influence of our emotions and our attitude.

The following is a meditation that a friend recently sent to me that seems appropriate.  In difficult times it is sometimes helpful to view our concerns in a Godly perspective ...

Living According to God's Plan

Why do you take pleasure in tormenting yourself, as you do, over the future?  Your faith teaches you that the future is in the hands of a Father who is infinitely good, Who loves you more than you love yourself and Who understands your interests far better than you.  Have you forgotten that everything that happens is directed by the orders of Divine Providence?  But if we know this how can we hesitate to remain in a state of humble submission, in the most trifling as in the greatest events, to all that God wishes or permits?  How blind we are when we desire anything other than what God wishes.  He alone knows the dangers which threaten us in the future and the help which we shall need.  I am firmly convinced that we should all be lost if God gave us all our desires, and that is why, as Saint Augustine says, God, in His mercy and compassion for our blindness, does not always grant our prayers, and sometimes gives us the contrary of what we ask as being in reality better for us.  In truth, I often think that nearly all of us are in this world in the position of poor-sick people who in their frenzy or delirium ask for the very thing that would cause their death and who have to be refused out of pure charity and an enlightened pity.
~Father Jean-Piere De Caussade, S.J. (1751)

"Sometimes, God hands us something we never expected that ends up leading us to something so unexpectedly wonderful, it changes our life forever ..." 


Anonymous said...

I would like to agree with you here, to let you know that I appreciate your taking the time to create a voice for the unborn and because I have been wanting to do something for them as well I am happy to leave a comment. In this post you have some really wonderful thoughts. The meditation is especially helpful to me right now as I am suffering for being away from God for a time. In my life I have fallen many times, sometimes to the point where I am not sure I can ever go back but God always reaches out and picks me up from the bottom of the pit, sometimes even to my dismay. But when I go back to Him I always find that He was right. If I, as an adult with my intelligence and good qualities, can fall into such situations, how can I expect that others will not do the same? How can we expect as humans that every decision we make is the correct one? How can we differentiate consistently between temptation and logic? Abortion, although still a difficult decision for most, has become so acceptable in our society, it does not leave much question to those seeking it as to whether it is morally appropriate. They can be comforted by the many who agree that it is "OK". I postulate that no matter how "OK" they convince themselves it is, they will still suffer severely from their decision. Abortion is a temptation. Life, no matter how it is conceived, is special. Pregnancy is a blessing and a huge responsibility to protect the rights of someone that is not able to speak for themselves. Look up famous people who are adopted and prepare to be amazed. Among them you will find some of the most prolific men and women in history. Adoption should not just be another option, it should be the only option, giving good families the opportunity of having children which they themselves are unable to bear. Thanks again for using your voice to speak for the unborn. May God give you many blessings.

Donna said...

WOW....I have been telling my special someone this very same thing. He was soooo worried about the election. I am going to have him read this. It helps to bring so much into focus. If we but keep ourselves in His most capable hands, we will be fine!

Thanks for sharing this!!!