A New Day

I wonder if when people vote for *change* if they are voting for the hope of a country at peace; a county that is financially stable; a country with health care for all; a country with an A+ education system; a country with secure boarders; a country with a leader that we trust; a country with _______ (fill in the blank).

I wonder if all of this is possible?  And, if it were, would we then be willing to stop killing an average of 1,000,000 babies a year?

People do not like to talk about abortion.  Is that how it was with slavery?  Is that how it was with the holocaust?  Is that how it is with anything that is so wrong that it scares us silent?

People think it's inhumane to show pictures of aborted babies; to describe abortion procedures; to require an ultrasound before an abortion; to make the realities of abortion in-your-face-all-too-real.  Why are these things  considered inhumane and abortion is considered a choice?  If we don't all agree that it's a choice to kill, can we agree that it's a choice to stop life?

Many people think that this should be a choice because it's not really a baby yet.  The desire for a baby does not make it real or not.  Wanting a baby doesn't make someone pregnant any more than not wanting a baby changes the fact that someone is really pregnant.  If there's not really a baby growing inside of you then you're not pregnant.

I have often wondered what a different world this would be if the approximately 30,000,000 "abortions" had not had their lives stopped?  When I casually meet a stranger who touches my life in a way that changes the course of my day I wonder how some of those people might have changed the course of our lives, of our world?

I don't expect that everyone sees life from the same perspective.  I just hope that everyone will consider life itself.

I had found myself feeling almost apologetic for the fact that whether or not a candidate is pro-life drives my decision so forcefully.  I have come to find that I am not sorry that THE most important gift that any of us ever receives is THE most important "issue" in my decision making.  When we take away the most basic right ~ the greatest gift ~ life itself ~ I'm just not sure what else matters.

***As I'm saddened by the out come of the election last night, I'm comforted by the man I voted for.  Please click on the title of this post to see his gracious concession speech.


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