All Too Real

A common fallacy about abortion is that if it's committed early enough there isn't a life present yet, "it's just a mass of cells".  My contention with this fallacy is that in death we have a perfect example of a body without a soul.  Have you ever touched a body in a casket?  It's amazing to behold the stark, tangible difference between life and death.  Your loved one's body is there, right in front of you ~ but he is not there.
If in death we can have a body without a soul, then it's feasible that in life we can have a soul without a body.
I've attached an important video to this post.  It addresses the reality of abortion, consequently some of it's content is horrific.  If you're interested in the message but not the pictures you'll have the ability to skip that part of the video.  On behalf of the innocent lives that will be lost today, I ask you to consider watching.

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Anne said...

That "mass of cells" really bothers me the most. When I had a miscarriage, I was about eight weeks, not even that, and that's what the doctor told me. So, I should not be sad, right? When I passed the babe, I could see eyes, limbs, a tail, head, they were all right there. Tell me that was a "mass of cells". He was only not even a half an inch long..but I could tell all of this. I was amazed at what God had created. I was not so sad, but amazed at His creation. Placenta and all. Sorry if this is too gross for some of you, but it's just the truth.