As a mother raising three boys it seems that daily life is an ongoing lesson in respect.  We need to learn to respect our property, each other, God, special qualities or talents, a person's feelings, boundaries, rules & laws.  There are undoubtedly things worthy of respect that I'm leaving out ~ ~ ~

With the evolution of political correctness it's become expected that we respect *differences* and even sin.  I have a friend that often speaks in awe of how backward things seem.  Her concluding comment, with a touch of sarcasm, is, "What's right is wrong and what's wrong is right."  This always reminds me of Isaias 5:20, 

"Woe to you that call evil good, and good evil:"

The pro-abortion agenda is a perfect example of this twisted, backward, evil.  How can we respect choosing to kill your unborn child?  Where is the respect for God given life?

If we respect something we take care of it.
If we respect someone we care for and honor them.  We may even aspire to be like them.

Choosing abortion is seen as taking care of one person; honoring one person's rights.  The fact that another person is not being taken care of, but is destroyed, is ignored.  The fact that one person not only has no right to choose, but also has their right to live taken away, is ignored.  There is nothing respectful about taking advantage of our authority or control over another life, especially one that is dependent on us.  That's usually called abuse.

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