Happy Matrimony

Today is my wedding anniversary, the day we received the sacrament of Matrimony.  The literal translation of matrimony is "mother-making".  I think that's beautiful, or as Panda Bear says, "oooh, bue-a-foe"!

The only thing I ever knew I wanted to be was a mother.  When I was little I said I wanted eight children.  It's one of the reasons I fell in love with my husband ~ he comes from a family of ten children.  There is something about the energy in a house full of children that has always attracted me.  By the time my husband and I started dating I thought four children sounded pretty good and he thought six was a nice round number (which he doesn't recall ever saying).  It was the first time I had ever been out 'numbered' by a prospective mate.

I especially remember a conversation we had while we were engaged when I was worrying about what we were going to do if the children came too fast and furious.  My fiance assured me that God knew best.  I chuckle at that memory for a couple of reasons ~ one, because it's a great example of how worthless it is to worry about our future; two, because my husband was right and I don't admit that too often. 

God had His own plans for us and, it never ceases to amaze us!  I have said before that with each of our sons we were twice blessed ~ once by God and once by their birth mother.  We did get what we wanted . . . six blessings . . . just not exactly the way we ever thought or planned.

I can not put into words, even in my own head, what a gift it is to mother another's child.  It's the added miracle that our boys have another mother and she has blessed us with her child.  Doesn't that just ooze G I F T ?!

On this day, only two days until the gift of His Son, I thank the Dear Lord for my husband, our children, our birth mothers and His amazing gift of my matrimony!

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