Koala Bear

Ahhhhh, yes. We have a new baby; a daughter; a sister; another person to love. I read a magazine article some years ago written by a mother of a large family. She said that people often asked her if there was enough love to go around. Her response . . . the love isn't divided, it's multiplied! Truer words were never spoken. The joy!

We waited for this baby longer than we'd waited for our previous babies. We were starting to think it wasn't going to happen again. Once we found out she was coming, she came home faster than any of her brothers ~ ~ ~ in less than 24 hours. Surprise!

We're going to call her Koala Bear (because her brothers have decided that's what she is to be called) for our little blog. She is beautiful, precious, sweet, calm, happy, content, and pink. I had NO idea it was possible to love the color pink so much.

Flash forward two years . . . yes, that's how long ago I wrote the above. It's all still true and I do want to introduce our baby girl if for no other reason than to celebrate her birthmother, who made a very brave decision. Without giving away too much private information, it's important for me to say that placing our baby girl for adoption was extremely hard for her birthmother. She agonized for three weeks and had a hard time even speaking for several days. In the end she put her baby's future before her own pain. A sacrifice that goes without due acknowledgment to birthmothers. It's truly amazing.

So here's to birthmothers and to adoption and to baby girls (they really are different than boys!). God bless us, everyone!

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