A Beating Heart

The other morning I was laying in bed wishing I could go back to sleep.  It was Saturday, the only morning I can "sleep in".  As I was laying there with my eyes closed and trying to breathe s-l-o-w and d-e-e-p, I became aware of my heart beat.  As our minds often skip from one thing to another, mine skipped to something I had heard several years ago about sleep, heart beats and prayer.  It goes like this . . .

We can offer our sleep to Our Lord in union with His sleep during His life on Earth.  Bear in mind that every action united to the acts of Our Lord has an indescribable value.  Priests, before beginning to pray their Office, unite it with the prayer of Jesus when on Earth.

We can offer every breath we draw, every beat of our hearts during the night as so many acts of love for God.  Thousands of acts of love every night!

~ Fr. Paul O'Sullivan, O.P.  

Have you seen the bumper sticker that reads, "Abortion . . . it stops a beating heart"?
What if we offer our sleep, every breath we take and every beat of our hearts for the unborn who are in danger of being aborted?!
Such a simple, yet profitable way to go to sleep each night!
Sweet dreams ~

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